Over $80 million raised since 1966 to build and support the National Naval Aviation Museum and STEM initiatives.

About the Foundation

The Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, Inc. is the nonprofit, 501(c)(3) educational and fundraising organization that supports the development of the National Naval Aviation Museum. Since its founding in 1966, the Foundation has raised tens of millions of dollars to fund construction of the Museum; preservation and maintenance of historic aircraft; development and expansion of Museum exhibits; and a host of educational programs—including the http://nl.dating-girls.com/vrouw-zoekt-stel-in-zaanstad/ vrouw zoekt stel in Zaanstad National Flight Academy, our premier aviation-inspired learning experience—designed to teach principles of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Honor the Past. Inspire the Future.

The Foundation works to foster and perpetuate the National Naval Aviation Museum as a medium of informing and educating the public on the important role of United States Naval Aviation; to inspire students undergoing naval flight training to complete the program and become career officers; to inspire young people to develop an interest in Naval Aviation; to serve as a philanthropic corporation in assisting the development and expansion of the facilities of the National Naval Aviation Museum; to receive, hold and administer gifts received in the best interests of the National Naval Aviation Museum; and to do any other business, act or thing incidental to and necessary for the accomplishment of the purpose of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation. The Foundation also conducts revenue-producing business activities, principally the Flight Deck Store, the Naval Aviation Memorial Giant Screen Theater, Motion Based and MaxFlight Simulators, Blue Angels 4D Experience and a share profit from the Cubi Bar Café. After covering its own operating expenses, profit is applied to defray Foundation overhead, and remaining proceeds are gifted to the Museum. Our mission is to be the best in the world, self-sustaining Foundation that engages the public by supporting and promoting the National Naval Aviation Museum experience and Naval Aviation, as well as conducting and promoting educational programs. Our vision is to “Honor the Past. Inspire the Future.”

Our Leadership

Chairman of the Board — Admiral Mark P. Fitzgerald, USN (Ret.)


President & CEO — Lieutenant General Duane D. Thiessen, USMC (Ret.)