Brick Paver Program

Every brick tells a story…

Since 1911, Naval Aviation has been a significant part of American History. Its accomplishments in both peace and war are legendary. The aircraft and historic collections at the Museum are inspiring and will serve to educate many for years to come.

You can play an important role in preserving the Spirit of Naval Aviation by purchasing a personally engraved brick paver for the new plaza at the National Naval Aviation Museum, where it will be displayed for all who pass through to see. The purchase of your paver will help to inspire and educate so that the Spirit of Naval Aviation is alive for years to come.

Whether celebrating a graduation, memorializing a loved one, or commemorating a retirement, we all have a story to tell. Keep the Spirit alive, with your Foundation Paver!

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for your paver to be installed and uploaded to the Brick Paver Index.


One aviator’s story…

When this young Naval Aviator was going through training in 1943, his fitness report stated “…he may be somewhat eccentric.” Little did the trainers know that this lad would become the 41st President of the United States. George H. W. Bush fought in World War II, was shot down, rescued and went on to become a great American. In addition to being the Honorary Chairman of the Museum Foundation Board he, like many others has a great story to tell. What is your story?




National Naval Aviation Museum’s Centennial Square