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CAPT ARAM   uomo cerca donna Cava de Tirreni CAPT ARAM "Dick" Y. PARUNAK, USN homme cherche femme a Corrèze

CAPT ARAM "Dick" Y. PARUNAK, USN uomo cerca donna Carpi 1910 - 2007 femme cherche homme a Paris
CAPT A.Y. “Dick” Parunak was born July 21,1910, in Freehold, NJ, to Armenian immigrants. After playing football at Ursinus, he became a Naval Aviation Cadet. In Greenland, July 1942, he became the first to land and take off from the icecap while rescuing the crew of the Army B-17 “My Gal Sal,” earning the DFC. He was CO of the US Naval Air Station, Atsugi, Japan 1958-1960, and Emperor Hirohito decorated him with the Third Order of the Sacred Treasure. In 1961, he retired to Pitman, NJ, and died Feb 25, 2007. His audio memoirs are at . homme cherche femme a Plaisir

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