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1931 - 2003

    Commander William Charles Lauer was born to Edwin and Florence Lauer in St. Louis, Missouri on February 20, 1931. Bill enlisted in the Navy in 1952, as a Naval Aviation Cadet. He received his Wings of Gold and the rank of Ensign in August 1953. Bill married his high school sweetheart, Naomi Prohl on September 19, 1953. They left St. Louis to report to North Island Naval Air Station in Coronado, California, where he was assigned to VP40 to fly the P5M Seaplane. 
    In 1955, Bill reported to Ellyson Field in Pensacola for helicopter training and was then assigned to HU4 in Imperial Beach, California in 1956. On December 30, 1956, Bill and Sis had their first child, David William Lauer. 
    In 1957, Bill became an instructor at Ellyson Field. After three years in "beautiful Pensacola," they moved to Norfolk, Virginia, "Tacron 21." On August 4, 1960, their daughter Carly Rose was born. The next duty station was Lakehurst, New Jersey, HU2. After two years of enjoying flying Helos, Bill was sent to the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island for the class of 1964-65. Next was desk duty at Washington, D.C. from 1965-67, working with the Executive Director for Arms Control. He then went off on a dream tour for two years in Hawaii as ASW for PAC from 1967-69. Then Bill was selected to be a Commanding Officer. He reported to HC3 as Executive Officer July of 1969, then took over as Commanding Officer in 1970 to July 1971, then back to Newport for the senior course at the Naval War College for the 71-72 class. After graduation in July of 1972, he headed back to "Paradise"- Pensacola area. Since Bill was the Chief Staff Officer, of Trawing Five at NAS Whiting Field, the Lauers settled in Milton, Florida. 
    Bill retired from the Navy in 1977. However they lived in Milton until 1998, the whole family enjoyed many hours waterskiing on the Black Water River, when Bill and Sis moved to Gulf Breeze, Florida. Bill passed away in March of 2003, after he had an opportunity to fly a SNJ one more time.

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