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1921 - 2009

    Robert M. Hermann was born in Philadelphia, PA, and grew up on a farm in Marion Center, PA.  He received his Navy Wings on June 23, 1943, and served with VB-11 as a pilot and LSO aboard USS Hornet (CV-12) in actions in the Pacific.
In the latter 1940's he was a drilling Reservist, flying with VF-653 at NAS Akron, OH. They were recalled to active duty in February, 1951, and deployed with the first of the Air Task Groups, ATG-1, aboard USS Valley Forge (CV-45) for combat operations in Korea.  He also served as LSO on that deployment. On their return, he was assigned as a flight instructor at NAS Barin Field, Foley, AL, from 1952 to 1955.

He returned to his boyhood home in Pennsylvania, taught school there, and earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh.  He founded and chaired the Philosophy Department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he taught until his retirement.

     He married Mary Ernest Perkins in 1950. They had two sons, Martin and Malcolm. Mary died in 1984.  He married Margaret (Peggy) McHenry Lepley in 1992.

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