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1919 - 1994

Captain Raymond Shrady “Gus” Osterhoudt was born on 27 May 1919 in Kingston, New York. He graduated from Buffalo University in 1941 where he was also a varsity athlete. Commissioned in 1941 through the Naval Aviation Cadet Program, Captain Osterhoudt was designated a Naval Aviator in October 1941.

Throughout his distinguished career he accumulated over 3,818 hours in 40 different aircraft, 333 carrier arrested landings, and 226 combat flights. During World War II he was deployed to the Pacific Theater flying the SBD-3 Dauntless Dive Bomber and SB2C Helldiver, participating in 137 strikes at Midway, Guadalcanal, Formosa, China, Okinawa, the Philippines, Iwo Jima, Japan and the first carrier attacks on Tokyo. During the Korean War, he flew the AD-1 Skyraider while participating in 89 strikes against North Korean and Chinese Communist forces. In addition, he commanded the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown (CVS-10) through the course of a combat deployment to Vietnam where the embarked air wing executed combat strikes against North Vietnam and anti-infiltration patrols off the coast of South Vietnam.

His awards include the Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross (2), Bronze Star (Combat V), Air Medal (10), Navy Commendation Medal (Combat V) and numerous unit and campaign awards.

Captain Osterhoudt retired in 1968 and worked as a business manager for SUNSET magazine. He married the former Rita Thoman in 1942 and had five children: Bob, Bill, Josh, Mike and Mary. 

Donors in Memory of Captain Raymond S. Osterhoudt, USN (Ret.)

Mrs. Rita M. Osterhoudt, wife
    Her children, their families, grand children and great grand children

Captain Bob Osterhoudt, USN (Ret.) and Dee Osterhoudt
     Commander Rob Osterhoudt, USN and Michelle Osterhoudt, Timmy Osterhoudt
     Debbie and LtCol Chad Haley, USA, Maggie, Chad and Luke
     Matthew and Jen Osterhoudt, Gillian and Ethan
Bill and Jimmie Osterhoudt
    Stacy and Chad Mackes, Carter
  Scott Osterhoudt

James K. “Josh” and Kristie Osterhoudt
     Kacy Taylor, Darean, Jadelyn

Mike and Roxi Osterhoudt

Mary and Gene Sweat





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