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1930 - 2013

Robert C Kiefer (Bob) was born October 24, 1930 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He graduated from Mt. Lebanon High School in 1950 where Bob had developed a love for early model Fords, planes, and electric trains.

Bob attended the United States Coast Guard Academy where he had wonderful experiences aboard the sailing ship “Eagle” and the cutter “Campbell”.  In 1952 he transferred to the Carnegie Institute of Technology where he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Following his college graduation, he joined the United States Naval Reserve and was assigned as an officer candidate to the Naval Base in Newport, RI.  In late 1955 he reported to the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, for flight training.  He served at NAS Whiting Field, NAS Saufley Field, and NAS Barin Field.  Bob completed his advanced flight training at NAS Glynco and was designated Naval Aviator in the spring of 1957.  He flew as a fleet pilot for ZW-1, a squadron of 368’ blimps designed to give Airborne early warning in all weather.  He served his fleet tour at NAS Weeksville in North Carolina and NAS Lakehurst in New Jersey.  He made many friends during his Navy years with whom he remained close all of his life.  He continued to fly long after leaving the Navy and maintained a commercial pilot’s license well into his 70’s.  He still flew private aircraft occasionally until just before his death.

After an honorable discharge from the USNR in 1959 as a Lieutenant JG, Bob began a long career in the steel industry.  Bob always had an entrepreneurial spirit and in 1960 he moved his family to Houston and began his own company.  In the final chapter of his business life, Bob moved into the tank container and logistics business.  Bob was an exceptional business leader with extensive knowledge of the steel industry and a registered Professional Engineer in Texas.

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