National Flight Log Entry

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CAPT JAMES J. DAVIDSON, USN uomo cerca donna Viterbo FLIGHT LOG ID: 102 uomo cerca donna Terni donna cerca uomo Vicenza Service Date In: 11/01/1940 homme cherche femme a Montreuil Service Date Out: 06/01/1972
donna cerca uomo Trani Date of Birth: 07/19/1919 homme cherche femme a Lens Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator couple cherche homme a Le Havre State/College: Winona State Univ
donna cerca uomo Ferrara City, State: Manassas, VA uomo cerca donna Modena
Sie sucht Ihn in Dornbirn

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Silver Star


WWII Pac., Korea


SBD Er sucht Ihn in Mannheim


USS Kearsarge, AirOf homme cherche homme a Angers

Associations/Service Organizations

Golden Eagles

Significant Achievements

Test pilot of XFD-1 Phantom aboard USS F.D. Roosevelt (July 1946), the first time a US-designed pure- jet fighter had operated aboard a carrier. Grad Empire Test Pil. Sch
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