National Flight Log Entry

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CDR ARNOLD F. DEICHELMAN, USNR FLIGHT LOG ID: 126 donna cerca uomo Chieti Service Date In: 01/29/1944 Er sucht Sie in Paderborn Service Date Out: 06/19/1970
donna cerca uomo San Severo Date of Birth: 03/26/1926 Sie sucht Sie in Gelsenkirchen Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator
uomo cerca uomo Messina State/College: Univ of Maryland donna cerca uomo Battipaglia City, State: Lanham, MD




VF-5B, 09/15/47
VF-61, 07/01/48
USS Wasp, 09/01/52

Associations/Service Organizations

Tailhook Assn
American Legion
US Navy Memorial Fdn
Nav Av Museum Fdn
Caterpillar Assn

Significant Achievements

3900 pilot hours, 110 arrested landings. CO of a VS squadron. "Plank Owner" of USS Coral Sea. Rose to rank of LtCol in USAFR. Civilian Commercial Pilot.
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