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CAPT GARY K. IVERSEN, USN Er sucht Sie in Remscheid FLIGHT LOG ID: 1283

uomo cerca donna Udine
donna cerca donna Livorno Service Date In: 06/03/1968
homme cherche femme a Malines Date of Birth: 01/12/1946 donna cerca donna Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator
homme cherche femme a Laon State/College: Univ of N.Carolina
homme cherche femme a Cholet City, State: Monterey, CA donna cerca uomo Toscana
donna cerca uomo Asti

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Meritor. Svc. Medal


T-34 Er sucht Sie in Bremer­haven


VXE-6DETCHRISTCHURCH homme cherche femme a Roulers (Roeselare)

Associations/Service Organizations

Assn of Nav Aviation donna cerca uomo Firenze

Significant Achievements

CO VXN-8 May 1986 - August 1987. IVT instructor VP-30/Altn airlant P-3 evaluator "tailhooker".
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