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LT KENT M. KIEPE, USN kvinde søger kvinde I Helsinge FLIGHT LOG ID: 1480

Sie sucht Sie in Basel Service Date In: 04/16/1985
Er sucht Sie in Koblenz Service Date Out: 02/26/1992 kvinde søger kvinde I Måløv-Smørumnedre Date of Birth: 07/13/1962
uomo cerca donna Carpi Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator
uomo cerca trans Trieste State/College: Missouri Western

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Nav Achievement Med


Persian Gulf War




USS Midway VFA-192
VX-4 Point Mugu NAS

Associations/Service Organizations

Tailhook Assn.
Naval Institute

Significant Achievements

Test Pilot. USS Midway CVW "Tailhooker" of the year 1990. VADM Wesley McDonald Leadership Award. 250 carrier traps. His nickname was "Keeper".

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