National Flight Log Entry

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CDR AMERICO J. VESCOVI, USN uomo cerca donna Verona FLIGHT LOG ID: 1489 femme cherche couple a Paris uomo cerca donna Piacenza Service Date In: 04/01/1938 donna cerca uomo Ragusa Service Date Out: 05/01/1965
uomo cerca uomo Prato Date of Birth: 02/27/1920
homme cherche femme a Clermont-Ferrand Aviation Designation: Nav Av/Test Pilot homme cherche femme a Courtrai (Kortrijk) City, State: Wheaton, MD donna cerca uomo Scafati
Er sucht Ihn

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Superior Civ Service




AD Paar sucht Paar in Winterthur


USS San Francisco uomo cerca uomo Trieste

Associations/Service Organizations

Naval Institute donna cerca uomo Veneto

Significant Achievements

Air Development Sq. THREE. Proj. mgr. and 1st carrier landings (Bennington) for "Mirror Landing System". Fleet inttro. of A-4D & A-3J. Proj. Eng. RA5C. Deputy A7PM
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