National Flight Log Entry

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LCDR JOE "Never" FAIL, USCGR donna cerca donna Ferrara FLIGHT LOG ID: 1526 coppia cerca uomo Modena
femme cherche femme a Liège Service Date In: 08/01/1939
homme cherche femme a Montbéliard Service Date Out: 03/01/1956 uomo cerca uomo Messina Date of Birth: 07/28/1921 homme cherche femme a Guyancourt Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator
uomo cerca trans Taranto State/College: Univ. of Georgia
uomo cerca donna Savona City, State: Gantt, AL donna cerca uomo LAquila uomo cerca uomo Bologna

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

AL RegSanitarian1978




SNJ uomo cerca trans Latina


VR-2 NAS Alameda uomo cerca trans Bologna

Associations/Service Organizations

American Legion

Significant Achievements

First pilot on the JRM Alameda to Minala. Air Sea Rescue - S.Pacific including the South China Sea. Instructor at Barin & Corry Field. One of the 1st to land at Whiting.
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