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LTJG DONALD E. HARRINGTON, USN Sie sucht Ihn in Chemnitz FLIGHT LOG ID: 1572 donna cerca uomo Pozzuoli Service Date In: 01/01/1948 donna cerca uomo Vigevano Service Date Out: 01/01/1960
homme cherche femme a Nantes Date of Birth: 01/30/1931 femme cherche homme a Saint-Dié-des-Vosges State/College: Miami University
femme cherche homme a Annecy City, State: Oxford, OH

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

KoreaSvc-2 BattleSvc


Korea (3 Tours)




USS Mansfield DD-728, 01/01/52
NAS Pensacola, 01/01/50

Associations/Service Organizations

Naval Av Museum Fdn
Naval Memorial Fdn
Naval Institute
American Legion
Vet. of Foreign Wars

Significant Achievements

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