National Flight Log Entry

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LCDR BARBARA ALLEN RAINEY, USN coppia cerca uomo Firenze FLIGHT LOG ID: 1702 uomo cerca uomo Torino donna cerca uomo Tivoli Service Date In: 12/18/1970
uomo cerca donna Veneto Service Date Out: 07/13/1982
femme cherche homme a Saint-Joseph Date of Birth: 08/20/1948 femme cherche homme a Mérignac Aviation Designation: Aircraft Commander
uomo cerca trans Messina State/College: Whittier College
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Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Nat. Defense Medal


C1A homme cherche femme a Furnes


SACLANT Staff donna cerca uomo Pordenone

Associations/Service Organizations

Order of Daedalians donna cerca uomo Teramo

Significant Achievements

Designated first military female aviator 2/22/74 & first military female to qualify as jet pilot. Killed during training flight while serving as Flight Instructor
Based on code developed by couple cherche homme a Alost (Aalst) Richards Consulting Group uomo cerca uomo Parma