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LTCOL RANDOLPH M. KENNEDY, USAF donna cerca uomo Balsamo FLIGHT LOG ID: 1769

uomo cerca trans Messina Service Date In: 06/05/1961 couple cherche homme a Versailles Service Date Out: 07/04/1989 donna cerca donna Prato Date of Birth: 09/20/1939 homme cherche femme a Vitrolles Aviation Designation: Command Pilot donna cerca donna Taranto City, State: Upper Saddle River, NJ




F-100 C/D/F
A/F 10
A/F 20
A/F 50
Cessna 02/A


Associations/Service Organizations

Nat. Bus. Aircraft

Significant Achievements

FAA-ATP and FAA Navigator. Farried Misty F-100 to Phy Cat-Jun in 1968 Received credit for 3 combat miss. Seven World Class Records/Falcon. Won last Jet Race-1978/Falcon 10.
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