National Flight Log Entry

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LTJG JOHN W. LUCKENBAUGH, USNR FLIGHT LOG ID: 1832 Er sucht Ihn in Thüringen Service Date In: 10/05/1943
femme cherche homme a La Louvière Service Date Out: 05/06/1947 Er sucht Sie in Bochum Date of Birth: 12/26/1925
uomo cerca donna Molfetta Aviation Designation: Naval AViator Er sucht Sie in Potsdam State/College: Univ. of Delaware donna cerca uomo Montesilvano City, State: Harrisburg, PA




NAS Orote, Guam, 01/01/46

Associations/Service Organizations

Museum Fdn Life Mbr
ANA Life Member
American Legion
Vet. of Foreign War
Naval Reserve Assn

Significant Achievements

Car/Qual 1946 - SNJ-5 aboard US Ranger, TMB-3 aboard USS Saipan. 4ND Service Pistol Champion 8 times and rifle and pistol champion 1969.
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