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CDR GEORGE WILLIAM ALLEN, USN coppia cerca uomo Verona FLIGHT LOG ID: 1851 uomo cerca trans Venezia
femme cherche homme a Villepinte Service Date In: 06/19/1952 femme cherche homme a Eeklo Service Date Out: 08/01/1977
donna cerca uomo Moncalieri Date of Birth: 05/16/1929
donna cerca uomo Liguria Aviation Designation: Command Pilot coppia cerca donna Torino State/College: Baldwin-WallaceCol
homme cherche femme a Rochefort City, State: Jacksonville, FL couple cherche femme a Nancy homme cherche femme a Dijon

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Navy Commendation(3)




SNB uomo cerca donna Sardegna Sardegna


ZW-1 coppia cerca donna Catania

Associations/Service Organizations


Significant Achievements

CO of FACSFAC Jax. - establishing officer
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