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LCDR LAWRENCE RUSSO, JR. USNR uomo cerca donna Venezia FLIGHT LOG ID: 1880

donna cerca uomo Savona uomo cerca uomo Prato Service Date In: 09/10/1942
coppia cerca donna Rimini Service Date Out: 07/30/1969
homme cherche femme a Yvelines Date of Birth: 04/13/1923 homme cherche femme a Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator
donna cerca donna Napoli State/College: Univ. West Florida
homme cherche femme a Bouches-du-Rhône City, State: Gulf Breeze, FL Er sucht Sie in Sachsen
uomo cerca donna Udine

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Air Medal




SBD Dauntless femme cherche homme a Lyon


VC-4, 01/01/51 Er sucht Ihn in Chemnitz

Associations/Service Organizations

Nav Av Museum Fdn

Significant Achievements

4304 hours of flight time. 147 carrier landings. Served aboard USS Tarawa CV-40 in 1951.
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