National Flight Log Entry

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SGT RANDOLPH T. LANDERS, USMC augmentation mammaire macrolane FLIGHT LOG ID: 1908 alimenti crescita seno seno sodo esercizi Service Date In: 05/16/1985 brust op bern Service Date Out: 08/09/1992
le taglie del seno Date of Birth: 01/17/1962
größere brust durch übungen Aviation Designation: Sr Aircrew Chief

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Navy Unit Comm. (2)


Desert Storm


UH-1N "Huey"


HMLA-169 Viper Sqdn
USS Tarawa
USS New Orleans

Associations/Service Organizations

Boy Scouts of Amer.

Significant Achievements

Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Sea Angel Attended SERE School. Successfully made transition from ground to air side of Marine Corps
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