National Flight Log Entry

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RADM HERB M. BRIDGE, USNR par søger par I Hammel FLIGHT LOG ID: 2055

Er sucht Ihn in Köln Service Date In: 08/03/1942
donna cerca uomo Campania Service Date Out: 03/14/1985
homme cherche femme a Saint-Étienne Date of Birth: 03/14/1925
donna cerca uomo Imola State/College: U. of Wash/Harvard donna cerca uomo Marsala City, State: Seattle, WA

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Legion of Merit-gold


WWII / Korea


USS Breton

Associations/Service Organizations

Naval Academy Fdn
Seattle Chamber
Nav Undersea Museum
Gem Society
Naval Flight Museum

Significant Achievements

Naval Reserve Readiness Commander Commander MSC Far East (active) Chairman,Co-owner of Ben Bridge Jeweler (46 stores/6 states)
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