National Flight Log Entry

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CDR MICHAEL H. MITTELMAN, USN uomo cerca uomo Foggia FLIGHT LOG ID: 2610 Er sucht Ihn in Remscheid Service Date In: 07/01/1980
homme cherche homme a Argenteuil Date of Birth: 04/21/1953
uomo cerca trans Verona Aviation Designation: Private Pilot uomo cerca trans Genova State/College: Jacksonville U femme cherche homme a Anvers City, State: Great Lakes, IL

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Navy Merit. Serv Med


Cessna 150/172
Piper Archer/


Naval Aerosp& Oper
Med. Inst.
NAMR Laboratory

Associations/Service Organizations

Armed For Opt Soc.
Amer. Acad. Optometr
Amer. Optometric
Aerospace Med. Assoc

Significant Achievements

336 Hours flight time. 1st Aerosp Optometrist, Armed Forces Optomet of the Year. Pres. Armed Forces Optometric Soc. Diplomate, Amer. Academy of Optometry.
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