National Flight Log Entry

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ASS.TO PRES. LOUIS GIFFORD GOAD, GEN MOTORS donna cerca uomo Foligno FLIGHT LOG ID: 2797 Paar sucht Sie in Köniz Bayan Arayan Erkekler Hakkâri Service Date In: 01/21/1942 Paar sucht Sie in Regensburg Service Date Out: 01/01/1959 uomo cerca donna Calabria Date of Birth: 02/09/1901
par söker man i Öjebyn State/College: U of Ilinois

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

U of Ill. Alumni Awd


Associations/Service Organizations

Soc. of Automobile
Bloomfield Hills
Country Club
Question Club

Significant Achievements

Served on Board of Dir of the U of Illinois Foundation and was fully responsible for the manufact of 13,000+ WWII aircraft- TBM Avenger and Wildcat.
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