National Flight Log Entry

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CAPT DAVID W. HUNDT, USN Sie sucht Sie in Siegen FLIGHT LOG ID: 2806 Paar sucht Paar in Krefeld donna cerca uomo Lecce Service Date In: 12/11/1963
homme cherche femme a Denain Service Date Out: 12/31/1993
uomo cerca trans Trieste Date of Birth: 02/05/1943
homme cherche couple a Bruges (Brugge) Aviation Designation: Naval Flight Off. homme cherche femme a Calais State/College: Roosevelt Univ. donna cerca uomo Umbria City, State: Cordova, TN couple cherche homme a Tours
Paar sucht Paar in Ulm

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Legion of Merit


C-45 uomo cerca trans Modena


VW-11 uomo cerca donna Messina

Associations/Service Organizations


Significant Achievements

C.O. Naval Air Reserve Memphis 1991-93. C.O. Naval & Marine Corps Reserve Readiness Center, New Orleans, 1986-1988. Founded TAR Aerospace Maint. Duty Officer Prog
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