National Flight Log Entry

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CPO BYRON F. GLIME, USN FLIGHT LOG ID: 2919 homme cherche femme a Saint-Pierre Service Date In: 06/26/1946
femme cherche homme a Dinant Service Date Out: 09/01/1969 uomo cerca donna Modena Date of Birth: 03/07/1929
Paar sucht Paar in München Aviation Designation: Aircraft Mainten.
couple cherche femme a Rouen State/College: Tech schools Er sucht Ihn in Nordrhein-Westfalen City, State: Cottage Grove, MN

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Good Conduct


WWII Korea Vietnam


TMB crew
SB2C crew
P2V crew
R7V crew
UH-34 crew


FASRON 112/114
VAW-11 USS Midway

Associations/Service Organizations

Fleet Reserve Assn.
USN Memorial Fdn.
VR-7 Reunion Assn.

Significant Achievements

Navy MATS VRS SWD. E2A carrier qalifications. Boyscouts of Amer. Naval Aviation Maintenace Instructor.
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