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CAPT WILLIAM F. SPAN, USN Paar sucht Paar in Remscheid FLIGHT LOG ID: 2942

donna cerca uomo Vittoria
femme cherche homme a Vitry-sur-Seine Service Date In: 05/22/1950
donna cerca uomo Livorno Service Date Out: 04/30/1977 homme cherche femme a Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni Date of Birth: 10/04/1928
homme cherche couple a Tours Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator
uomo cerca donna Puglia State/College: Geo. Wash. Univ.
donna cerca uomo Adige City, State: Virginia Beach, VA uomo cerca donna Acerra
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Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Silver Star




A-4 Paar sucht Sie in Delsberg


USS Independence Er sucht Sie in Köniz

Associations/Service Organizations


Significant Achievements

C.O. VA-164. CEO Kevlor Corp. 4800 Flight hours. 289 combat missions. Served in Vietnam in 1965,1967 and 1968. B.A. from Washington & Jefferson College.
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