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LT JAMES C. DELESIE, USN FLIGHT LOG ID: 3017 donna cerca uomo Cava de Tirreni Service Date In: 06/06/1962
uomo cerca donna Abruzzo Service Date Out: 02/28/1970
couple cherche femme a Vitry-sur-Seine Date of Birth: 07/15/1940
uomo cerca donna San Severo Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator uomo cerca donna Vicenza State/College: USNA / Univ. Fla
uomo cerca donna Marsala City, State: Balm, FL

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Air Medal






VA-56 Champions
VA-64 Black Lancers
VA-44 Hornets

Associations/Service Organizations


Significant Achievements

1742 flight hours. 414 arrested landings. 1417 hrs. in A-4. BS from United States Naval Acad. Juris Doctor from University of Florida. (With Honors).

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