National Flight Log Entry

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AOM3 JOHN B. WINKLER, USN Sie sucht Ihn in Hessen FLIGHT LOG ID: 3037 coppia cerca uomo Foggia uomo cerca uomo Rimini Service Date In: 06/01/1944
uomo cerca donna Salerno Service Date Out: 08/01/1946 homme cherche femme a Saint-Cloud Date of Birth: 07/04/1926 homme cherche femme a Nord Aviation Designation: Combat Aircrewman uomo cerca donna Trento State/College: LaSalle Univ.
femme cherche homme a Kourou City, State: Daytona Beach, FL donna cerca donna uomo cerca uomo Sassari

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

WWII Victory


WW II Atlantic


PBY Catalina femme cherche femme a Nancy


NAS Jacksonville, 1944 donna cerca uomo Cinisello

Associations/Service Organizations

Mariner/Marlin Assn.

Significant Achievements

Sr. sales exec. Exxon Chemical. Married to former Peggy Croke. Has 6 children, 14 grandchildren. 1,000+ water landings. Enlisted bombardier. Gunner.

Additional Photos

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