National Flight Log Entry

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COL BERNARD L. SMITH, USMC/USMCR vrouw zoekt man in Zuid-Holland FLIGHT LOG ID: 3058 comprare Service Date In: 01/22/1909
man söker par i Norrland Service Date Out: 02/02/1947
par søker mann i Nordland Date of Birth: 06/19/1886
kvinde søger mand I København Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator
femme cherche couple a Villeurbanne State/College: VA Polytech Inst.

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Aero Club of America


Mexico WWI & WWII


Curtis Hydro
North American


USS Birmingham, 1914
Naval Attache Paris, 1918
Central America, 1943

Associations/Service Organizations

Aero Club of America
Naval & Marine Corps

Significant Achievements

Naval Pioneer,Test Pilot USMC Aviator #2.Authority on LTA.Staff mbr. for NC flying boats. 1st to fly amphibian, designed 1st re- tractable landing gear.CO Yokosuka
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