National Flight Log Entry

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LTJG CHARLES GILPIN COPELAN, USNR Ich möchte einen großen Penis zu haben FLIGHT LOG ID: 3113 exercice pour pénis Service Date In: 08/25/1942 wie großen Penis zu nehmen Service Date Out: 08/28/1945
pille damit die brust wächst Date of Birth: 08/04/1921
prag brustvergrößerung Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator
brust größer ohne op State/College: N. Georgia/Emory

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Dist. Flying Cross


Philippine Islands




Manila Bay
Hancock Shakedown Cr
USS Ticondergora

Associations/Service Organizations

USS Hancock Assn.

Significant Achievements

Low altitude attacks on shipping and harbor installations resulting in severe damage to the enemy. Received two air medals as a result.
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