National Flight Log Entry

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CDR EVAN K. WILLIAMS, USN FLIGHT LOG ID: 3235 uomo cerca donna Torre del Greco Service Date In: 12/13/1933
donna cerca uomo Quartu Service Date Out: 04/01/1964
femme cherche homme a Haute-Savoie Date of Birth: 02/01/1914 homme cherche femme en Belgique Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator
Paar sucht Sie in Trier State/College: High School Graduate
uomo cerca donna Cava de Tirreni City, State: Falls Church, VA

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Navy Cross


WW II Pacific, Korea


C-118 (Mats)


USS Yorktown
USS Hornet
USS Sangamon

Associations/Service Organizations

Tailhook Assn.
Nav. Av. Museum Fdn.
Silver Eagles

Significant Achievements

OIC F6F Drone unit, Japan.43 night landings. Ranked 23rd on alltime list as an early centurion-100 CV landings on same carrier prior to 1955. Achieved aboard USS Sangamon, Guam, 14 July 1944.
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