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LCDR DANIEL S. LEE, USNR uomo cerca donna Arezzo FLIGHT LOG ID: 327

Er sucht Ihn in Zürich homme cherche femme a Blagnac Service Date In: 12/01/1940
uomo cerca donna Messina Service Date Out: 01/01/1963 couple cherche homme a Turnhout Date of Birth: 03/01/1910 uomo cerca donna Trentino-Alto Aviation Designation: Patrol Plane Cdr
femme cherche homme a Alost State/College: N. Dakota St. Univ
uomo cerca donna Bitonto City, State: Gwinner, ND uomo cerca donna Cosenza uomo cerca donna Benevento

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Air Medal


Iceland, European


PBY-5A femme cherche homme a Montpellier


VP-84, 01/01/42 Paar sucht Ihn in Bottrop

Associations/Service Organizations

Naval Reserve Assn

Significant Achievements

Antisubmarine warfare 1942-43. Active duty from 12-1-40 to 10-19-45, then spent 18 years in Ready Reserve. Also attended the University of North Dakota.
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