National Flight Log Entry

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CAPT LESTER T. JACKSON, USN Paar sucht Paar in Heilbronn FLIGHT LOG ID: 3356 Er sucht Sie in Mönchen­gladbach
couple cherche femme Service Date In: 02/29/1956
uomo cerca donna Cerignola Service Date Out: 03/01/1986
homme cherche femme a Fontaine Date of Birth: 02/01/1936 donna cerca uomo Crotone Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator
uomo cerca donna Lombardia State/College: SUNY, Farmingdale/US PG School
couple cherche homme a Nîmes City, State: Pensacola, FL uomo cerca donna Modica Paar sucht Sie in Lugano

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Legion of Merit




SNJ-5 Paar sucht Ihn in Bern


VA-106 Sie sucht Sie in Oberhausen

Associations/Service Organizations

Tailhook Assn.

Significant Achievements

4,275 flight hrs. 752 arrested landings. 111 combat missions Combat Distinguished Flying Cross. Served with VA-34; Training Wing 2; ANA Goshawk Squadron.
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