National Flight Log Entry

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LCDR OSCAR EUGENE LYNGE, JR. USN FLIGHT LOG ID: 3377 donna cerca uomo Bergamo Service Date In: 09/12/1963
homme cherche femme a Salon-de-Provence Service Date Out: 07/31/1974
donna cerca uomo Scandicci Date of Birth: 11/08/1940
donna cerca uomo Bologna Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator
Paar sucht Ihn in Vernier State/College: Univ. of Texas
uomo cerca donna Bagheria City, State: Plano, TX

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

National Defense




USS John F. Kennedy
USS Boxer/USS Saratoga

Associations/Service Organizations

First Christian Church
Plano TX
Sigma Nu Demolay
Univ. of Texas Alumni

Significant Achievements

2,060 flight hours. 150 carrier landings. Armed Forces Expeditionary Service Medal. Died 7/31/1974 in an aircraft accident at Coast Guard Air Station, Elizabeth City, NC.
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