National Flight Log Entry

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RADM J. "Carlos" MICHAEL JOHNSON, USN FLIGHT LOG ID: 3392 femme cherche homme a Rochefort Service Date In: 09/01/1968 Er sucht Ihn in Halle (Saale) Service Date Out: 10/01/2001
Paar sucht Ihn in Mainz Date of Birth: 04/09/1946 Sie sucht Sie in Hildesheim Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator uomo cerca uomo Modena State/College: College of William and Mary femme cherche femme a Bordeaux City, State: Lake in the Hills, IL

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Def. Distinguished Service


Vietnam/Desert Storm




Command Carrier Group 6
Commander, Air Wing 8
VFA-86 C.O.

Associations/Service Organizations

Tailhook Assn.
Assn. of Naval Aviation
Nav. Av. Museum Fdn.

Significant Achievements

1,317 carrirer arrested landings with more than 500 at night,; 4,800 flight hours in tactical jets. 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses and 12 Air Medals as a LT in Vietnam.
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