National Flight Log Entry

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RADM ALBERT A. GALLOTTA, JR. USN uomo cerca trans Torino FLIGHT LOG ID: 3401 homme cherche femme a Aubagne
uomo cerca donna Adige Service Date In: 09/01/1954
femme cherche femme a Antibes Service Date Out: 04/01/1985
uomo cerca donna Caserta Date of Birth: 09/15/1932
donna cerca uomo Mazara del Vallo Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator
femme cherche homme a Corse-du-Sud State/College: Brown University femme cherche couple a Liège City, State: Fairfax Station, VA

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Legion of Merit




VQ-2 C.O.
Vice Commander NAVELEX

Associations/Service Organizations

President Assn. Old Crows

Significant Achievements

4,500 flight hours. Division Direct. EW, CNO OP-944. Program manage NAVELEX, RECCE, EW, Spelops, Nips. President AOC Professional Org. for EW.
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