National Flight Log Entry

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MAJGEN/CAPTAIN LARRY S. TAYLOR, USMCR/NORTHWEST FLIGHT LOG ID: 3476 uomo cerca donna Taranto Service Date In: 07/01/1959 femme cherche homme a Choisy-le-Roi Service Date Out: 10/01/1997 donna cerca uomo Calabria Date of Birth: 03/28/1941 homme cherche femme a Vitry-sur-Seine Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator
homme cherche femme a La Possession State/College: Georgia Tech
uomo cerca trans Modena City, State: Atlanta, GA

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Dist. Service Medal


Dominican Repub./Vietnam


Boeing 747-400
Airbus 320


HMM-264, 1964-65
3d Batalion 8th Marines, 1965-66
Air America, 1967-68

Associations/Service Organizations

Marine Corps Aviation Assn.
Marine Corps Reserve Assn.
USO Council of Georgia
Reserve Officers Assn.
Bus. Exec. for Nat'l Security

Significant Achievements

Recalled to active duty 2001-2003. C.O. HMA-773 1980-82; C.O. 4th Anglico 1982-84; C.G. 2d Marine Expeditonary Brigade 1992-93. Attack Helicopter Commander. Tactical Air Coordinator.
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