National Flight Log Entry

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CDR JOHN C. BOGAN, USN/USNR FLIGHT LOG ID: 3477 mand søger kvinde I Midtjylland Service Date In: 02/01/1965 couple cherche femme a Aubervilliers Service Date Out: 10/01/1995
dame søker mann i Vest-Agder Date of Birth: 06/10/1944 par søger kvinde I Herning Aviation Designation: Aircrew coppia cerca donna Perugia State/College: University of Memphis
homme cherche femme a Orne City, State: Eads, TN

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Achievement Medal


P-3 Aircrew


USCINCLANT 0209 Ft. Campbell
VP-67 NAS Memphis

Associations/Service Organizations

US Naval Institute Life Mbr.
Naval Intelligence Professionals
Naval Reserve Officers Life Mbr.
Mil. Officers Assn. Life Mbr.
Mil. Order World Wars Life Mbr.

Significant Achievements

XO, USCINCLANT 0209;Briefed DNO whilw assigned to CNO Intel. Coordinated installation of the 1st "Secure real time connectivity" between an active duty command & a remote reserve intelligence unit.
Based on code developed by par söker man i Södermanland Richards Consulting Group