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HAL JAMES STYLES, JR. USN femme cherche homme a Clermont-Ferrand FLIGHT LOG ID: 3506

homme cherche femme a Villiers-le-Bel homme cherche femme a Huy Service Date In: 07/01/1949
homme cherche femme a Saint-Quentin Service Date Out: 08/01/1953 coppia cerca uomo Roma Date of Birth: 03/07/1929
coppia cerca donna Palermo Aviation Designation: Transport Pilot
femme cherche homme a Créteil State/College: US Naval Academy/CA State Univ.
donna cerca uomo Bergamo City, State: Desert Hot Springs, CA




USS Monterey
USS Missouri
USN School of All Weather Flight

Associations/Service Organizations

US Naval Academy Alumni
American Legion
Naval Aviation Museum Foundation

Significant Achievements

4,985 flight hrs. single & Multi Engine.Flight instructor land, sea, gliders.Carrier Qual. March 1953, USS Monterey. Instrument rating May 1953, Corpus Christi Texas. Candidate for Assembly in Calif. & Congress Board of Equalization. 25 Years as Security Broker.

Additional Photos

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