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LCDR CHARLES E. JESTER, JR. USN/USNR donna cerca uomo Pescara FLIGHT LOG ID: 3513

Paar sucht Sie in München homme cherche femme a Rhône Service Date In: 01/07/1954 donna cerca uomo Ercolano Service Date Out: 01/07/1965
homme cherche femme a Le Havre Date of Birth: 04/12/1933 femme cherche homme a Les Lilas Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator uomo cerca donna Forlì State/College: Univ. of Oklahoma/Test Pilot School
uomo cerca donna Friuli-Venezia City, State: Irving, TX homme cherche femme a Bouches-du-Rhône femme cherche homme a Bastia


F2H-3 uomo cerca donna Umbria


USS Yorktown Er sucht Sie in Hamburg

Associations/Service Organizations

Society Experimental Test

Significant Achievements

Civilian Instructor at Naval Test Pilot School. Engineering Test Pilot for the FAA Oklahoma City, OK and Fort Worth, TX. Experimental Test Pilot.
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