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LT JAMES C. GLOVER, USN/USNR donna cerca uomo Velletri FLIGHT LOG ID: 3533

uomo cerca donna Cosenza homme cherche femme a Vitry-sur-Seine Service Date In: 07/02/1945 donna cerca uomo Quartu Service Date Out: 06/01/1960 donna cerca uomo Aversa Date of Birth: 06/13/1927
donna cerca uomo Piemonte Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator homme cherche femme a Montbéliard State/College: University of Colorado
homme cherche femme a Saint-Brieuc City, State: Huntsville, AL Paar sucht Sie in Wolfsburg
Paar sucht Ihn in Essen

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

NASA Awards


TBM Er sucht Ihn in Nordrhein-Westfalen


VC-21/VC25 femme cherche homme a Amiens

Associations/Service Organizations

Nav. Aviation Museum Fdn.

Significant Achievements

Structural testing of Navy aircraft while at Douglas Aircraft. 2500 flt. hrs. NASA-originated a design criteria control syst. for the Saturn boost vehicles. Originated & operated design change review &control during develp. Saturn, Skylanb & Shuttle vehicles.
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