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LTJG JOHN COLLIER FOSTER, USN uomo cerca uomo Messina FLIGHT LOG ID: 3680

homme cherche femme a Drôme Service Date In: 05/01/1917 homme cherche femme a Hérouville-Saint-Clair Service Date Out: 04/01/1919
Sie sucht Sie in Duisburg Date of Birth: 11/07/1894 donna cerca uomo Foggia Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator #142 donna cerca uomo Napoli State/College: Univ.of Alabama/Georgetown Law Sch.

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Distinguished Service Medal


World War I


Curtis J-N-4
Curtis N-9
Curtis Flying Boat
Sopwith Schneider
Hamble Baby


Newport News, Virginia
Dunkirk France, 1918
London, England, October 1918

Associations/Service Organizations

Golden Eagles
American Bar Assoc.
Boston Club, New Orleans, LA

Significant Achievements

Served in Europe World War I. Trained in night bombing- Stonehenge, England. Paris France-Naval Aviation Forces. Dunkirk, France-Flight duty with the #214 Sight Bombing Squadron of the RAF. London, England-Squadron 1, Field A Norhtern Bombing Group. Post war-Lawyer, New Orleans 50 yrs.

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