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CAPTAIN CHARLES "OZARK" A COOK, JR. USN FLIGHT LOG ID: 3718 Er sucht Sie in Sitten Service Date In: 10/29/1965 uomo cerca donna Grosseto Service Date Out: 02/01/1991 donna cerca uomo Liguria Date of Birth: 10/08/1942
uomo cerca donna Quartu Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator 1310 Paar sucht Paar in Brandenburg State/College: University of Arkansas Fayetteville
donna cerca uomo Abruzzo City, State: Hot Springs, AR

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Legion of Merit (x2)




Corsair / A-7A,B,C,E
Hornet / FA-18
Cougar / F-9 Buckeye T-2A,B,C
Scooter TA-4J
Mentor T-34 A, B


USS America (CVA-66), Vietnam 1968
USS Coral Sea (CVA-42), Vietnam 1969
USS Forestal (CVA-59) and others, 10x Med

Associations/Service Organizations

Navy League US
K of C

Significant Achievements

ComLatWing ONE CO, VA-174 CO, VA-72

Additional Photos

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