National Flight Log Entry

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MSGT JACKIE D. HODSON, USA/USAFR Ashwagandha 60caps sans ordonnance prix en pharmacie FLIGHT LOG ID: 3739

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acheter Lincocin 500mg sur internet Service Date In: 01/28/1955 comprare Zero Nicotine Patch 10patches in farmacia Service Date Out: 05/01/1985
comprare Rebetol 200mg in farmacia Date of Birth: 09/07/1935
Strattera 10mg 25mg 40mg senza ricetta acquistare Aviation Designation: Aircrew Loadmaster
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Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Distinguished Flying Cross




C-119 Parlodel 2,5mg en ligne livraison express


Associations/Service Organizations

USAF Sgt Assn.
Air Force Assn.
American Legion
Naval Aviation Museum Fdn.

Significant Achievements

Served in Vietnam Gunship AC-119G. 49 combat missions, 350 combat hrs. Volunteer at National Naval Aviation Museum. Holds two Associate degrees. Served US Army 1/28/1955 to 12/23/1957 and US Air Force 11/1967 to 05/1985.
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