National Flight Log Entry

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LT MICHAEL ALEN WEAKLEY, USN FLIGHT LOG ID: 3819 homme cherche femme a Blagnac Service Date In: 11/01/1961
femme cherche homme a Lommel Service Date Out: 02/01/1967
uomo cerca donna Milano Date of Birth: 05/24/1941
donna cerca uomo Carpi Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator
donna cerca uomo Casoria State/College: MSFS
Paar sucht Sie in Herisau City, State: Cambria, CA

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Air Medal (16)






USS Midway, 1965
USS Shangri-La, 1966

Associations/Service Organizations

Naval Aviation Museum Fdn.

Significant Achievements

136 Combat missions, Vietnam. Photo is A4E after returning to the USS Midway after a low-level strike mission over North Vietnam, June 1965.
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