National Flight Log Entry

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LT ROBERT BOTHFELD, USNR femme cherche homme a Arras FLIGHT LOG ID: 3839 donna cerca donna Genova
Paar sucht Sie in Sachsen Date of Birth: 09/26/1920 donna cerca uomo Bitonto Aviation Designation: Aeronautic Engineer
donna cerca uomo Verona State/College: MS degree
donna cerca uomo SantElena City, State: Gulf Breea3, FL


Stag One
NAS Pensacola, FL

Associations/Service Organizations

Naval Aviation Museum Fdn.
Rotary Club
Camelia Club

Significant Achievements

Aeronautic engineer assigned to Special Task Air Group One and developed, built & tested first combat drone TDR-1 in US Navy Service, during WW II. Top secret operative for 2 yrs. Naval Air overhaul, NAS Pensacola two yrs-156 SNJs per month.Had 4 shops, 400 staff-finish,fabric,hydraulics.

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