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VADM WALTER "Wally" BLACK MASSENBURG, USN FLIGHT LOG ID: 3872 uomo cerca donna Balsamo Service Date In: 11/13/1968
Sie sucht Ihn in Linz Service Date Out: 03/30/2007 uomo cerca donna Lazio Date of Birth: 02/19/1949
Er sucht Sie in Villach Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator; Patrol Plane Commander
Paar sucht Paar in Lancy State/College: Washington and Jefferson College uomo cerca donna Catania City, State: Needham, MA

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Distinguished Service Medal


Cold War



Associations/Service Organizations

Pres, Assoc of Naval Aviation
Trustee, Nav Avn Museum Foundation
MIT, Venture Mentor Service
Board of Visitors, Defense Acq Univ

Significant Achievements

Commander, Naval Air Systems Command, Commander, Naval Aviation Depots, Naval Aviation Logistician, Major Program Manager, PMA-290 (P-3, S-3, EP-3, ES), Commanding Officer, VP-6
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