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CDR LEONIDAS H. ROBERTS, USNR FLIGHT LOG ID: 467 couple cherche femme a Saint-Étienne Service Date In: 07/02/1941 uomo cerca donna Pistoia Service Date Out: 06/20/1947
donna cerca uomo Gela Date of Birth: 02/27/1921 donna cerca uomo Bologna Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator Sie sucht Ihn in Linz State/College: Univ Florida Ph.D donna cerca uomo Piemonte City, State: Gainsville, FL

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Dist Flying Cross


Pacific Theater




OTU-3 NAS Banana River, FL, 8/1945
VPB-17, 01/1944
NATC, NAS Pensacola/NRAB Pa 8/1941, 9/1941

Associations/Service Organizations

Ret. Officers Assn.
Mariner/Marlin Assn.

Significant Achievements

Awarded Navy Commendation Medal for Air/Sea rescue of survivors from a B-25 ditching south of Formosa (2/20/1945). 3,538 mil. flight hrs. 3,140 Civ. flight hrs. 40 yrs. as Science Prof. at Univ. Florida. (Prof Emeritus). MS degree W. Va Univ. BS degree Waynesburg College.
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