National Flight Log Entry

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CAPT FORRESTER C. AUMAN, USN Paar sucht Ihn in La Chaux-de-Fonds FLIGHT LOG ID: 570

coppia cerca uomo Genova coppia cerca donna Latina Service Date In: 01/13/1941
uomo cerca trans Ravenna Service Date Out: 07/01/1972 femme cherche homme a Saint-Benoît Date of Birth: 04/26/1918
femme cherche homme a Rezé Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator
femme cherche homme a Courtrai State/College: High Point College
coppia cerca uomo Perugia City, State: Myrtle Beach, SC Paar sucht Sie in Offenbach am Main donna cerca uomo Cinisello

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Silver Star




F2H-4 Er sucht Ihn in Düsseldorf


USS Hornet, VB-8 Sie sucht Ihn in Hagen

Associations/Service Organizations

Assn of Nav Aviation

Significant Achievements

Attended Naval War College & rcvd Masters degree at Geo Wash. Univ. CO NAS Corpus Christi 1966-68. Dir. of USAA. 7000 Navy flt hours. 13,000 total flt hrs (mil. & civ.)
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