National Flight Log Entry

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CAPT CHARLES C. AINSWORTH, USN uomo cerca donna Cuneo FLIGHT LOG ID: 609

donna cerca uomo Quartu donna cerca uomo Livorno Service Date In: 08/15/1939 uomo cerca donna Trento Service Date Out: 02/10/1961
femme cherche homme a Colmar Date of Birth: 02/14/1918
uomo cerca donna Sardegna Sardegna Aviation Designation: Naval Aviator femme cherche couple a Toulon State/College: Mississippi Coll
femme cherche homme a Décines-Charpieu City, State: Hazlehurst, MS Sie sucht Ihn in Herisau coppia cerca uomo Salerno

Highest Personal Decoration or Award

Dist. Flying Cross




F6F-5 Paar sucht Paar in Sarnen


USS Shangri-La VF-2 uomo cerca donna Acireale

Associations/Service Organizations

Rotary Club

Significant Achievements

Commands: VA-95, VF-41, FASRON-3, and Naval ROTC Unit, Duke Univ. Also attended U.S. Naval War College.
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